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Chilean Navy 16,500; 1,300 conscript (total 17,800 Personnel)

CHILEAN NAVAL AVIATION Servicio de Aviación de la Armada de Chile (Aviación Naval)
Naval Aviation 600 personnel.

Forces by Role & Equipment by Type

17 combat capable. Total 39 Aircraft.

Maritime Patrol 2 sqn with 8 MP ac:
3 Lockheed-Martin UP-3A Orion (Ex-US; 3 more P-3ACH version delivered for spares only);
3 Airbus/Airtech CN-295MPA Persuader (3 additional ac on order)
2 Embraer EMB-111AN Bandeirante*

Anti-Submarine Warfare
1 sqn with 2 ASW ac:
2 Airbus/Airtech C-295ASW Persuader (Chilean designation P-295 ASW aircraft)

Transport 1 sqn with 4 Tpt ac
1 Lockheed-Martin UP-3A Orion;
1 Lockheed-Martin P-3ACH Orion,
2 Embraer EMB-111C Bandeirante;

Transport & Liaison
1 sqn with 11 Tpt/Liaison ac
3 CASA 212A Aviocar;
8 Cessna O-2A Skymaster*;

Training 1 sqn with 7 Trg ac:
7 Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer*

7 combat capable. Total 21 Helicopters.

Anti-Submarine Warfare 1 sqn with 5 ASW hel:
1 Bell 206AS Jet Ranger;
2 Bell 206B-3 Jet Ranger;
2 Bell TH-57 Sea Ranger (Rotary Flying Training)

Search and Rescue 2 sqn with 9 SAR hel:
4 Eurocopter HH-65 Dolphin (Ex-Irish SA-365F1 Dauphin)
5 Eurocopter SH-32 (AS-332B Super Puma, AS-532SC Cougar, NAS-332C Puma)

1 sqn with 7 Tpt hel:
7 MBB Bo-105CBS (UH-05)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

• UAV • Reconnaissance
2 Recce UAV:
  2 Manta I

  ASM: 28 AM-39 Exocet Anti-ship missile (For AS-532SC helicopters)
  ASW: 25 Mk-44 ASW torpedo (For Bell-206B)

  SAM: 75 AIM-7M Sparrow BVRAAM (For Heemskerck frigates; RIM-7M Sea Sparrow (SAM) version), 200 RIM-66B Standard-1MR (Ex-Dutch; for Heemskerck frigates), 200 Seawolf Block-2  (Sea Wolf Block-2 version; for Boxer (Type-22 or Williams) and Duke (Type-23 or Cochrane) frigates), 40 Seawolf Block-2 (Ex-UK; part of $35 m deal; for Boxer (Type-22 or Almirante Williams) frigate, 50 Sea Slug-2 (Ex-UK; for County (Prat) destroyer), 100 Barak-1 (For modernized Prat (County) destroyers), 100 Sea Cat (Ex-UK; for County (Prat) destroyers), 50 Sea Cat (For modernized Almirante destroyers), 50 Sea Cat (For Leander (Condell) frigates),

  AS/ASW torpedo: 100 Black Shark (For Scorpene (Hyatt) and modernized Type-209 (Thomson) submarines)

  Anti-ship missile: 20 RGM-84L Harpoon-2 MI/SSM 8with marines), 30 RGM-84 Harpoon (Ex-Dutch); 20 MM-40 Exocet Block-2 (For modernized Boxer (Almirante Williams) frigate), 21 MM-40 Exocet (For modernized Leander (Condell) frigates), 12 SM-39 Exocet (For Scorpene (Hyatt) and modernized Type-209 (Thomson) submarines; SM-39 Block-2 version), 40 MM-38 Exocet (Ex-UK; for County (Prat) Class destroyer), 32 MM-38 Exocet (For modernized Almirante destroyers and Leander (Condell) frigates); 34 Gabriel-2 (For Saar-3 (Iquique) FAC and Reshef (Casma) FAC), 16 Gabriel-1 (For Reshef (Casma) FAC)

Coastal Defence Systems
MSL• SSM RGM-84 Harpoon; MM-38 Exocet tactical SSM

  MP aircraft radar
  6 AN/APS-128 (For 6 EMB-111 MP aircraft from Brazil)
  3 AN/APS-115 (For modernization of 3 P-3 ASW aircraft)
  3 AN/APS-143C(V)3 (For 3 C-295 MP and ASW aircraft from Spain)
  Fire control radar
  8 EL/M-2221 STGR (For modernization of 4 Prat (County) Class destroyers; for use with Barak SAM);
  4 M-44 (For modernization of 2 Almirante destroyers; for use with Seacat SAM)
  Air search radar
  4 EL/M-2228S (For modernization of 4 Prat (County) destroyers)
  Coast defence system
  1 Excalibur (with marines)


  Navy Airbases: Viña del Mar, Iquique/Diego Aracena, Isla Dawson/Almirante Schroeders, Punta Arenas/Pdte. Carlos Ibáñez del Campo

Naval Aviation Airfields and Airbases Organisation:
Comandancia de Aviacíon de la Armada de Chile

Naval Air Force 1 (Marinefliegerflotte 1) Concón,

Fuerza Aeronaval N°1 - Viña del Mar (SCVM) Airbase
Escuadrón Embarcado: SH-32 (AS332B, AS532SC), HH-65 (AS365N)    
Escuela de Aviación Naval Escuadrón: PC-7        
HA-1 Escuadrón: SH-32 (AS332B, AS532SC), HH-65 (AS365N),
HU-1 Escuadrón: Bell 206B, TH-57, UH-05 (Bo105CBS)        
VC-1 Escuadrón: C212-100, O-2A        
VP-1 Escuadrón: EMB111AN, P-3ACH, UP-3A        
VT-1 / VA-1 Escuadrón: PC-7 (on loan from EAN)
Fuerza Aeronaval N°1 - El Tepual, Puerto Montt  Airbase       
Puerto Montt Air Station Flight: EMB-111, UH-05 (Bo-105CBS),
Fuerza Aeronaval N°1 - Talcahuano Airbase
Talcahuano Air Station Flight: EMB-111, UH-05 (Bo-105CBS),

Naval Air Force 2 Carlos Ibanez, Punta Arenas
Fuerza Aeronaval N°2 - Iquique/Diego Aracena (SCDA) Airbase
Iquique Air Station Flight: UH-05 (Bo-105CBS), EMB111AN, O-2A
Fuerza Aeronaval N°2 - Isla Dawson/Almirante Schroeders (SCDW) Airbase
Destacamento Aeronaval Escuadrón: various on detachment        
Fuerza Aeronaval N°2 - Punta Arenas/Pdte. Carlos Ibáñez del Campo (SCCI) Airbase
Puerto Williams Air Station Flight: UH-05 (Bo105CBS), C212-100 EMB111AN, P-3ACH, UP-3A

Fuerza Escuadra
Nacional Ships:

Blanco Encalada class M-Frigate (FF-15 Blanco Encalada: 1 HH-65; FF-18 Almirante Riveros: 1 HH-65)       
Cochrane class Frigate (FF-05 Almirante Cochrane 1 SH-32; FF-06 Almirante Condell: 1 SH-32; FF-07 Almirante Lynch: 1 SH-32)
Newport class Landing Ship Tank (LST-93 Valdivia:1 SH-32)   
Oscar Viel Toro class Survey Ship (AP-46 Contralmirante Oscar Viel Toro: 2 UH-05)
Williams class Frigate (FF-19 Almirante Williams: 1 SH-32)

Organisations by Service Notes:

Chilean Navy
Forces by Role (Current order of battle):
Main Command: Fleet includes FF and SS flotilla; Naval Aviation, Marines, Seals and Transport Units.
Navy 4 Naval Zones; 1st Naval Zone and main HQ located at Valparaiso (26S-36S); 2nd Naval Zone: at Talcahuano (36S-46S); 3rd Naval Zone at Punta Arenas (46S to Antarctica); 4th Naval Zone at Iquique (18S-26S)
Navy Inventory Equipment Note:
Submarines • Tactical • SSK 4:
2 O’Higgins (Scorpene) each with 6 single 533mm TT with18 A-184 Black Shark HWT & SUT
2 Thompson (GER T-209/1300) each with 8 single 533mm TT with 14 SUT HWT, 12 SM-39 Exocet, For Scorpene (Hyatt), 100 Black Shark AS/ASW torpedo
Principal Surface Combatants 8 Frigates • FFG 8
1 Williams (UK Type 22) with 2x12 (24eff.) each with Sea Wolf naval SAM
2 Lattore (NLD Jacob Van Heemskerck class) each with 2 twin 324mm ASTT (4 eff.) each with Mk 46 LWT, 1 Mk
13 GMLS with 40 SM-1 MR SAM, 2 Mk 141 Harpoon quad (8 eff.) with RGM-86C Harpoon tactical SSM
2 Almirante Riveros (NLD Karel Doorman class) each with 2 quad (8 eff.) Harpoon SSM, 1 Mk 48 Sea Sparrow with 16 RIM-7P Sea Sparrow SAM, 4 single 324mm MK
32 MOD 9 ASTT with MK 46 MOD 5 HWT, 1 76mm gun, (capacity 1 med hel)
3 Almirante Cochrane (UK Duke Class Type 23) each with 2 twin 324mm ASTT (4 eff.) with Sting Ray LWT,
2 Mk 141 Harpoon quad (8 eff.) with RGM-84C Harpoon tactical SSM, 1 32 canister Sea Wolf VLS with Sea Wolf SAM, 1 114mm gun, (capacity 1 NAS-332C Cougar)
Patrol and Coastal Combatants 13 (PFM 7: 3 Casma (ISR Sa’ar 4) each with 8 GI Gabriel I tactical SSM, 2 76mm gun;  4 Tiger (GER Type 148) each with 4 single with MM-40 Exocet tactical SSM, 1 76mm gun: PCO 6 Ortiz (Taitao class))
Amphibious 11 (LS 5: LSM 2 Elicura; LST 3: 2 Maipo (capacity 7 tanks; 140 troops) (FRA Batral); 1 Valdivia (capacity 400 troops) (US Newport), Landing craft: 1 CDIC)
Logistic and Support 12 (AOR 1: AS 1: AKSL 1: AALS:1 AGOR 1: AGS 1: ATF 3: TPT 1: TRG • AXS 1: Oiler 1)
(Historic ships: Almirante Latorre, Blanco Encalada, Covadonga, Flach, Huáscar, Lautaro, Steam corvette Esmeralda (1855), 2nd class protected cruiser Esmeralda (1884), Steel-hulled four-masted barquentine tall ship Esmeralda (BE-43))

Navy Facilities: Bases Located at Valparaiso, Talcahuano, Puerto Montt, Puerto Williams, Iquique, Punta Arenas

Coast Guard (Integral part of the Navy)

Patrol and Coastal Combatants 63:
OPV 3 Piloto Pardo (Fassmer-1850 OPV-80) (additional vessel in build);
PCC 18 Alacalufe (Protector WPB class
PCI 37: 8 Grumete Diaz (Dabor class); 18 Rodman; 11 (LMP, LSR class)
Misc Boats/Craft 5 Defender class (upto 10 vessels on order);

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Chile AF

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