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Truman Strike Group underway with COMPTUEX

Truman Strike Group underway with COMPTUEX

Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) Strike Group (HSTSG) began its composite training unit exercise (COMPTUEX) after departing Naval Station Norfolk Jan. 14.

COMPTUEX is a series of training scenarios designed to certify HSTSG as a deployment-ready fighting force capable of completing operations in overseas theaters.

The exercise will be evaluated and graded by Commander, Strike Force Training Atlantic (CSFTA) through warfare scenarios that include simulated surface, air, undersea, strike and electronic attacks.
In addition, events such as maritime interception operations (such as visit, board, search and seizure [VBSS]), live-fire evolutions, and strike group formations will also be assessed by CSFTA.
“We can always run simulations, but nothing takes the place of real live scenarios with communication between various units and aircraft in real, tactical situations,” said Cmdr. Jason Darish, Truman’s combat direction center (CDC) officer.

“Proficiencies have been built at a very high rate in the months leading up to COMPTUEX and I think our Sailors are ready for this exercise.”

OSC(SW/AW) Michael Masley, CDC’s leading chief petty officer said his Sailors are ready for the evaluation after months of training and preparation.

“This is the last time that we can prove we are proficient at our jobs and ready to go on deployment,” said Masley.

“This scenario will be a final test of the crew’s deployment readiness and is intended to make sure everyone has the ability to fight and defend the ship in real-world scenarios.”
IS3 Erin Maisch, assigned to Truman’s intelligence department, said COMPTUEX will verify her department’s ability to accurately collect, analyze and disseminate information under stressful conditions.

“We need to be prepared for anything,” said Maisch.

“Throughout COMPTUEX, we need to show that we can do our jobs with 100 percent accuracy, within rules and regulations and within a certain timeframe.”

Darish said he has confidence that every member of HSTSG will perform admirably during the upcoming scenarios.

“I have nothing but the highest expectations,” said Darish.

“I think we’re eager to prove ourselves, eager to learn and to train. Everyone is ready and willing to get the job done. We will have the skills right out the door when it comes time to deploy.”

Units operating with HSTSG include: Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 3, 1st Combined Destroyer Squadron (1CDS), USS Barry (DDG 52), USS Gravely (DDG 107), the German ship FGS Hamburg (F220), and the Canadian ships HMCS Ville De Quebec (FFH 332) and HMCS Preserver (AOR 510); USS Monterey (CG 61), USS Gettysburg (CG 64), and USS Kauffman (FFG 59).

Source: By MC3 Taylor DiMartino / Harry S. Truman Strike Group Public Affairs (jacksonville.com) News - 23 January 2013

Photo: An USN F/A-18E Super Hornet assigned to the "Gunslingers" of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 105 lands aboard the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) on Jan. 15. Truman is underway in the Atlantic conducting its composite training unit exercise in preparation for its upcoming deployment. (Photo by MC3 Lorenzo Burleson)



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