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Lockheed Martin Acquires Stealth UAS Pioneer Chandler/May

Lockheed Martin Acquires Stealth UAS Pioneer Chandler/May

Lockheed Martin today announced the acquisition of Chandler/May, Inc., a developer and producer of specialized unmanned aerial vehicle systems. The company also developed and produced fully integrated mission critical systems for unmanned aerial systems (UAS). As a subcontractor to AAI, Chandler/May has delivered hundreds of integrated command and control shelters and portable ground control stations in support of U.S. Army UAS programs.

They also produced over 2,200 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including the Desert Hawk UAV, a program for which Chandler/May, Inc. is a supplier to Lockheed Martin. Another system developed by Chandler/May is the ‘stealthy looking’ Fury flying wing UAV, the SharkFin Mission & Flight Control System and Tactical Air Vehicle Control System (TACS) ground control station.

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Lockheed Martin has two main operating divisions focusing on UAS – the Skunk Works, focused on black programs and rapid prototyping and Mission Systems & Sensors (MS2). Officially, Chandler/May will become will become part of MS2 business, ‘a division that has already acquired experience with other unmanned systems, including the K-MAX unmanned helicopter, Desert Hawk UAV, and Persistent Threat Detection System (PTDS) aerostats’, the corporate announcement said. MS2 is also managing the activities of Procerus, UAS avionics specialist acquired in January 2012.

“This acquisition expands our offerings in support of our customers’ increased emphasis on advanced unmanned systems for the C4ISR missions,” said Bob Stevens, Lockheed Martin Chairman and CEO. “This acquisition is consistent with our goal to maintain a portfolio of technologically advanced options that will generate value for both our customers and our shareholders.”

Chandler/May, Inc. is a privately owned company currently operating from Huntsville, Ala, and San Luis Obispo, Calif. “Joining Lockheed Martin is a logical step to expand our current offerings and provides opportunities to reach additional customers.” Jesse May, Chandler/May, Inc. President said. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed and are not material to Lockheed Martin’s results of operations.

Source: Defense-Update - 13 October 2012

Photo: The US Fury 1500 UAV. (Photo by Chandler/May Defense-Update)



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