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Humidity blamed for split AIM-120 radomes in Taiwan

Humidity blamed for split AIM-120 radomes in Taiwan

Taipei, March 19 (CNA) Taiwan's wet climate has been identified as the main cause of splits in the radomes of some of the U.S.-made missiles used by Taiwan's F-16 fighter jets, the Air Force said Monday.

In a statement, the Air Force said it has followed U.S. suggestions for improved measures for storing its AIM-120 medium-range air-to-air missiles in a condition that will reduce the influence of moisture on the radomes.

The statement came after a local newspaper reported earlier in the day that automatic breakdowns have been occurring in some radomes equipped on the AIM-120 missiles for three consecutive years.

The Air Force said it has asked the United States to help deal with the split radomes, adding that the situation has not undermined Taiwan's defense capabilities.

Radomes are used to protect the radar equipment on the missiles. Taiwan has purchased 200 AIM-120 missiles

Source: 16 March 2012 - DAILY AIR FORCE NEWS

Photo: Taiwan Air Force AIM-120 Medium Range AAM (Photo by


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