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Brazilian Air Force Selects ORBIT's Communication Management System for P-95 Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Brazilian Air Force Selects ORBIT's Communication Management System for P-95 Maritime Patrol Aircraft

ORBIT Communication Systems Ltd. a subsidiary of ORBIT Technologies Ltd., today announced that it has received an order from the Brazilian Air Force (BAF) to supply a communication system to be installed onboard the P-95 maritime patrol aircraft.

Maritime patrol and surveillance is one of the fastest-growing defense markets, with countries seeking a range of technologies to improve their ability to monitor traffic in territorial waters and secure offshore rigs, ports and other maritime facilities from threats.

BAF required an advanced airborne communication system capable of meeting the unique and challenges of maritime patrol missions, including secure communications and support for large crews. After conducting a thorough evaluation of several alternative solutions, BAF selected ORBIT's Airborne Digital Management Systems (ADAMS) based on its proven, high performance as well as its cost-effectiveness.

ADAMS is a secure, high-performance communication system, designed to meet the complex requirements of large crew aircraft such as commercial airliners, transport, tanker and mission applications. This modular COTS system supports up to 20 full capability users, 8 intercom only users, 16 radios and 31 receivers, 6 recording outputs, discrete lines and several internal intercom networks.

"We are honored that the Brazilian Air Force has chosen to install our Communication Management Systems to support its mission-critical maritime patrol operations. We view this as strong validation of the quality and suitability of our systems to handle the complex requirements of maritime patrol applications," said Ofer Greenberger, CEO of ORBIT Communication Systems Ltd. "This is one of several recent orders from Brazilian customers, reflecting the substantial efforts and resources we continue to invest in this strategic regional market."

ORBIT's Communication Management Systems (CMS) portfolio features flexible and robust systems used to manage the complex voice, video and data communication on board mobile platforms (airborne, seaborne and ground applications). These systems include a digital switch that seamlessly integrates the routing and distribution of inbound and outbound communication on board the mobile platform, as well as an intercom that can be used among crew members, maintenance personnel and technicians.

ORBIT is a public company traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. The company has an international sales and customer support network that includes the United States, Europe, Brazil and the Far East in addition to its international technical service centers located around the world.

Source: NETANYA, Israel - ORBIT Communication Systems Ltd. News - 20 November 2012

Photo: The Brazilian Air Force Embraer P-95A Bandeirulha (EMB-111A) Maritime Patrol Aircraft. Pirassununga - Campo Fontenelle (SBYS) Brazil, August 7, 2011. 7057 (cn 110179) (Photo by Renato Spilimbergo Carvalho -


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