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Syria accounts to renew its fighter fleet and anti-aircraft weapons with the help of Russia

Syria accounts to renew its fighter fleet and anti-aircraft weapons with the help of Russia

Syria has moved ahead considerably in its talks with Russia on maintaining military efficiency of its AF and anti-aircraft defense system.

Such an opinion came from Defense News' analysis of results of talks with Syria's president Bashar Assad in Moscow on December19-20. According to a source in the Syrian Ministry of Defense, Damask is planning to replace its aged Mig-25 fighter fleet with new aircraft Mig-29 or Mig-31, and also upgrade some squadrons of Mig-21s, Mig-23 and Mig-29.According to Defense News, the source who had participated in the talks confirmed that the parties had discussed the possibility of the purchase of aircraft Coronet, Mig-29 , and missile systems C-300 and Pantsyr-C1.

The Syrian AF fleet accounts for ab. 548 combat aircraft including 35 Mig-25, 42 Mig-29 and 20Su-24, plus some squadrons of Mig-21, Mig-23 Mig-27 and Su-22. In 2005 there was an unconfirmed news of acquisition by Syria of 8 Su-27 fighters. To successfully stand against the Israeli AF Syria requires a considerable renewal or modernization of its existing fighter fleet.

By THE АRMS-ТАSS -- 10 Jan 2007


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