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Republic of Guatemala (República de Guatemala)

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National Army of Guatemala (Ejercito Nacional de Guatemala, ENG), Guatemalan Navy (Marina Nacional, includes Marines), Guatemalan Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Guatemalteca, FAG) Active 15,212 personnel (Army 13,444 Navy 897 Air 871) Paramilitary 18,536 Reserve 63,863 (Navy 650 Air 900 Armed Forces 62,313) (National Armed Forces are combined; the army provideslog spt for navy and air force)

• Fuerza Aérea Guatemalteca (FAG)

Air Force 871 personnel.

Forces by Role & Equipment by Type

AIRCRAFT 10 combat capable. Total 44 Aircrafts.
  Serviceability of ac is less than 50%

Fighter Ground Attack & Training
2 sqns with 6 FGA Trg ac:
1 sqn with 4 Cessna A-37B Dragonfly;
1 sqn with 2 Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer;

Embraer EMB-314
Super Tucano (6 A-29; on order)

Presidential Transport 1 sqn with 3 VIP Tpt ac:
1 Beechcraft 300 Super King Air;
1 Beechcraft 200 Super King Air;
1 Beechcraft F90 King Air;

1 sqn with 13 Tpt ac:
4 Basler Turbo-67;
1 Beech 100 King Air;
1 Beech 90 King Air;
1 Fokker F-27-400M Friendship;
1 Fokker F-27-200 Friendship;
4 IAI-201 Arava;
1 Pilatus PA-31 Navajo;

Utility & Liaison 1 sqn with 8 Utl ac:
1 Cessna 208B Caravan (confiscated in Venezuela from narcotics smugglers);
1 Bellanca Citabria 8KCAB Decathalon;
1 Cessna 310;
2 Cessna T210M Centurion;
2 Cessna U206G Stationair 6;
1 Piper PA-31-350 Navajo;

Advanced Flying Training
some unit with 14 Trg ac:
5 Cessna R172K Hawk XP;
5 Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer*;
4 ENAER T-35B Pillán;

12 armed capable. Total 30 Helicopters
Support & Utility 1 sqn with 30 Spt/Utl Hel:
5 Bell 412 (armed);
1 Bell 412EP (VIP Tpt)
7 Bell 212/UH-1N Twin Huey (armed);
4 Bell 205A-1A Iroquois (UH-1D)
6 Bell 206B-3 Jet Ranger;
4 Bell 206L-1 Long Ranger;
3 Sikorsky S-76A Spirit (Ex-Jordanian; out of service?)

  Guatemala Air Force Main Headquarters: HQ Located at Guatemala City
  Fuerza Aérea Guatemalteca Airfields and Air Bases Organisation:
  2 Air Commands, 3 Air bases: Guatemala City, Santa Elena Petén, Retalhuleu

B.A. La Aurora, Guatemala (MGGT) Airbase
Ala Fija
BA La Aurora, Santa Elena - Escuadrón de Aviones de Ataque (Quetzales Squadron): A-37B
BA La Aurora, Santa Elena, Retalhuleu - Escuadrón de Reconocimiento y Ataque (Halcones Squadron): PC-7
BA La Aurora, Santa Elena - Escuadrón de Transporte Aéreo: BT-67/C-47 Turbo, F27-400M, IAI 201
BA La Aurora - Escuadrón de Avionetas: Beech A90, Cessna TU206G, Cessna 208B, Cessna T210, PA-31/34, Super King Air
Escuadrilla Presidencial: Beech F90,
Beech 200, Beech 300, Bell 412, Bell 412EP
Ala Rotativa
BA La Aurora, Santa Elena, Retalhuleu - Escuadrón de Helicópteros: Bell 205A-1, Bell 206B-3, Bell 206L-1, Bell 212, Bell 214, Bell 412
Estado Mayor de la Defensa: Cessna 206, Cessna T210M
, Bellanca Citabria

Comando Aéreo del Norte, Flores (MGTK) Airbase
Comando Aéreo del Norte
BA del Norte - Escuadrón de Apoyo Táctico: Cessna 206, PA-31-350

Carlos Alberto Rubio Herrera Airbase
Comando Aéreo del Sur
Escuela Militar de Aviación (Coronel Mario Enrique Vásquez Maldonado Squadron): Cessna R172K, T-35B    

Tactical Security Group Forces by Role (Current order of battle):
Air Military Police
Armd 1 sqn, CCT 3 coy,
AD 1 bty (army units for air-base sy)

Note: Guatemala has 13 airports with paved runways (2,438 to 3,047 m: 3 1,524 to 2,437 m: 3 914 to 1,523 m: 4 under 914 m: 3 ), and 359 airports with unpaved runways (,438 to 3,047 m: 1 1,524 to 2,437 m: 3 914 to 1,523 m: 84 under 914 m: 271)

Official website: aire/comandancia_fag/index.html

Guatemala AF

   Guatemala AF News:

Taiwan donated two UH-1H helicopters to Guatemala

• Taiwan donated two UH-1H helicopters to Guatemala  (13.12.2012)


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