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Ecuadorian Armed Forces: Ecuadorian Land Force (Fuerza Terrestre Ecuatoriana, FTE), Ecuadorian Navy (Fuerza Naval del Ecuador (FNE), includes Naval Infantry, Naval Aviation, Coast Guard), Ecuadorian Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana, FAE). Active 57,983 personnel. (Army 46,500 Navy 7,283 Air 4,200). Paramilitary 400 personnel. (Terms of Service conscription 1 year, selective). Reserve 118,000 personnel.(Joint 118,000) (Ages 18–55)

• Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana (FAE)

Air Force 4,200 personnel.

Forces by Role & Equipment by Type

AIRCRAFT 97+ combat capable. Total 203+ Transport Aircrafts.
  (Air 2 wg)


Airspace Defence (Interceptor)
1 sqn with 20 Ftr ac:
11 Dassault Mirage F-1JA;
2 Dassault Mirage F-1JE;
1 Dassault Mirage F-1BJ;
3 Dassault Mirage 50DV (come from Venezuela);
3 Dassault Mirage 50EV (come from Venezuela);

Fighter Ground Attack & Airspace Defence 1 sqn with 12 FGA/Ftr ac:
10 Atlas Cheetah-C (Ex-South African; delivery 2011-2012)
2 Atlas Cheetah D* (Ex-South African; delivery 2011-2012)

Fighter Ground Attack 1 sqn with 13 FGA ac:
7 IAI Kfir CE,
4 IAI Kfir C.2,
2 IAI Kfir TC.2*;

Fighter Ground Attack 1 sqn with 13 FGA ac (in storage or retired):
9 Sepecat Jaguar ES
2 Sepecat Jaguar EB;
2 Sepecat Jaguar G.R. Mk.1

Combat Counter Terrorism 2 sqns with 20 CCT ac:
1 sqn with 10 BAC-167 Strikemaster Mk.89/Mk.89A/Mk.90;
1 sqn with 10 Cessna A-37B Dragonfly;

Combat Counter Terrorism 2 sqns with 18 Lt Atk /COIN ac:
18 Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano*;

Ground Attack 1 sqn with 14 Atk ac:
10 Cessna A-37B Dragonfly;
4 Cessna T-37G Tweet*;


Tactical Transport 1 sqn with 6 Tac Tpt ac:
4 Lockheed C-130B Hercules;
1 Lockheed C-130H Hercules;
1 Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules;

1 sqn with 5 Tpt ac:
3 de Havilland Canada DHC-6-300 Twin Otter;
1 de Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalo (Ex-Brazilian; aid)
1 Fokker F-28 Fellowship;

VIP Transpor
t 1 sqn with 5 VIP Tpt ac:
3 North American Sabreliner 40R (Modified to generate microgravity for the Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency);
1 North American NA-265-60 Sabreliner 60D;
1 Embraer ERJ-135BJ Legacy 600 (Presidential)

TAME 1 mil controlled airline with (1 sqn with) 10 Tpt ac:
1 Airbus A320-200;
1 Airbus A320-233;
1 Airbus A319-132;
2 Boeing B727-200;
1 Boeing B727-134;
2 Embraer ERJ-170-100LR;
1 Embraer ERJ-190-100LR;
1 Embraer EMB-120

Transport & Liaison 1 sqn with 10 Tpt Liaison ac:
6 Hawker Siddeley HS-748 Andover;
4 Xian MA-60

Liaison 1 sqn with 4 Liaison ac:
1 Beech King Air E-90;
1 Gaviao 60;
2 IAI-201 Arava (STOL aircraft)

units with 66 Trg ac:
Cosme Renella Aviation School:
15 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor;
1 Cessna TU-206G Stationair 6;
8 Cessna T-41A Mescalero (Cessna 172);
12 Cessna T-41D Mescalero (Cessna R172);
16 Cessna A-150L Aerobat;
12 Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse;
2 MXP-650;

* Trainer ac

HELICOPTER No armed capable. Total 33+ Transport Helicopters.

Search and Rescue & Liaison 1 sqn with 12 SAR/Liaison hel:
8 Bell 206B Jet Ranger II;
2 Aérospatiale SA-316B Alouette III (Utility);
1 Aérospatiale SA-319 Alouette III (Utility);
1 Helibras HB-315B Gaviao;

Support & Utility sqn with 7+ Spt/Utl hel:
3 Eurocopter AS-550C3 Fennec (delivery 2012-2015)
4 Eurocopter AS-550AN Fennec (delivery 2012-2015)
23 Bell UH-1 Iroquois (storage or retired)

Search and Rescue & Utility
1 sqn with 6 SAR / Utility  hel:
5 Dhruv ALH SAR
1  Dhruv ALH VIP (with VIP Transport ac sqn)

Rotary Flying Training 1 sqn with 9 Trg hel:
9 Bell TH-57A Sea Ranger

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

• UAV • Reconnaissance 1 sqn with 2 Recce UAV:

2 UAV-2 Hawk surveillance UAV

  SRAAM (short range air-to-air missile): : 60 IAI Python Mk.3 (For Kfir or Mirage F-1), 75 IAI Shafrir Mk.2 (For Kfir), 40 MBDA R-550 Magic-2 (Ex-Venezuelan: For Mirage 50M), 200 MBDA R-550 Magic-1 (For Jaguar and Mirage F-1)
  BVRAAM (beyond visual range air-to-air missile): 50 IAI Python Mk.4 (For Kfir CE and Mirage F-1), 70 MBDA Super-530F (For Mirage F-1), Denel Dynamics V-4 R-Darter-BVR

  Anti-runway Bomb: BLU-107 Durandal

Air Force Air Defence Systems
7 M-48 MIM-72 Chaparral
SP 6 9M33/SA-8 Gecko 200mm;
MANPAD 185+Portable SAM:
75 Blowpipe 76mm;
? SA-7 Grail 72mm;
20 SA-16 Gimlet (Igla-1) 72mm;
90 SA-18 Grouse 72mm;
GUNS 110:
SP 28 M-35 with 20mm
23mm 34: 34 ZU-23;
35mm 30: 30 GDF-002 (twin);
37mm 18: 18 Ch

  2 CFTC gap fillers; 2 CETC 2D
  Low altitude radar 12 China 12 JY 11 (Another 4 to be delivered end 2010)
  Air search radar 2 YLC-18, 2 YLC-2
  Combat ac radar 7 EL/M-2032 (For modernization of Kfir combat aircraft)
  Fire control radar 2 Skyguard (For use with GDF-002 35mm AA guns)

  Air Force Main Headquarters: HQ Located at Quito

  Ecuadorian Air Force Airfields and Airbases Organisation (Current Order of Battle):

21st Combat Wing (Ala de combate No.21)
Taura (SETA) Air Base (Base Aérea Taura, Taura)
2112th Combat Squadron "Cobras"
(Escuadrón de combate 2112 "Mirage"): Mirage F1JA/JE (wfu), Mirage 50 (To be replaced by Cheetah), Cheetah B/C
2113th Combat Squadron "Leones"
(Escuadrón de combate 2113 "Kfir"): Kfir CE, Kfir C2, Kfir TC2

22nd Combat Wing (Ala de combate No.22)
SimonBolivar (SEGU) Air Base (Base Aérea Simon Bolivar, Guayaquil)
2211th Combat Squadron
(Escuadrón de combate 2211): Cessna 206, Piper PA-34, HAL Dhruv, SA-319B Alouette III,
2212th Combat Squadron
(Escuadrón de combate 2212): TH-57A

23rd Combat Wing (Ala de combate No.23)
Manta (SEMT) Air Base (Base Aérea Eloy Alfaro)
2311 Combat Squadron "Dragons"
(Escuadrón de combate 2311 "Dragones"): A-37 Dragonfly (replacement in progress, Super Tucano)
2312 Combat Squadron "Falcons"
(Escuadrón de combate 2313 "Halcones"): in storage BAC Strikemaster  Mk.89/Mk.89A
2313 Combat Squadron "Falcons"
(Escuadrón de combate 2313 "Halcones"): A-29B

31rd Combat Wing (Ala de combate No.31)
Lago Agrio (SENL) Air Base (Base Aérea Lago Agrio)
3111 Combat Squadron "Dragons"
(Esc. de combate 2311 "Dragones"): A-37 Dragonfly

11th Transport Wing (Ala de transporte No.11)
Mariscal Sucre (SEQU) Air Base (Base Aérea Mariscal Sucre, Quito)
(part of Mariscal Sucre International Airport)

111th Transport Squadron "Hercules"
(Esc. de transporte 1111 "Hercules"): C-130B/H, L-100-30
1112th Transport Squadron "Avro"
(Escuadrón de transporte 1112 "Avro"): HS.748 (to be replaced by four Xian MA60)
1113th Transport Squadron "Twin Otter"
(Escuadrón de transporte 1113 "Twin Otter"): DHC-6-300
1114th Transport Squadron "Sabreliner"
(Escuadrón de transporte 1114 "Sabreliner"). Sabreliner 40/60, ERJ135BJ, Dhruv ALH
Transportes Aéreos Mercantiles Ecuatorianos (TAME)
TAME Transport Squadron: A320-200, A320-233, A319-132, B727-200, B727-100, ERJ-170-100LR, ERJ-190-100LR, EMB-120

Air Force Academy "Cosme Rennella"
Salinas  (SESA) Air Base (Base Aérea Ulpiano Paez, Salinas)
(Escuela Superior Militar de Aviacion "Cosme Rennella"): Cessna A-150L, Cessna TU206G, DA-20C1, T-34C, MXP-650

No.12 Research and Development Wing
Latacunga (SELT) Air Base
(Ala de Investigación y Desarrollo): Ooverhaul and modifications for Mirage and Kfir

Note: Ecuador has 105 airports with paved runways (over 3,047 m: 3 2,438 to 3,047 m: 5 1,524 to 2,437 m: 17 914 to 1,523 m: 25 under 914 m: 55), 323 airports with unpaved runways (914 to 1,523 m: 39 under 914 m: 284 ), and 2 heliports.

Official website:

HS-748 B
Equador Mirage F.1
Equador HS.748B
Ecuadorian Air Force Denel Cheetah C
Ecuador AF

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