Brazil   Brazilian Air Force - Força Aérea Brasileira (FAB)
Federative Republic of Brazil (Republica Federativa do Brasil)

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Brazilian Army (Exercito Brasileiro, EB), Brazilian Navy (Marinha do Brasil (MB), includes Naval Air and Marine Corps (Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais)), Brazilian Air Force (Forca Aerea Brasileira, FAB). Active 327,710 personnel. (Army 190,000 Navy 67,000 Air 70,710) Paramilitary 395,000. Reserve 1,340,000Terms of service 12 months (can be extended to 18)

BRAZILIAN AIR FORCE Força Aérea Brasileira (FAB)
Air Force 70,710 Personnel.

Forces by Role & Equipment by Type

AIRCRAFT 377 combat capable. Total 980 Aircrafts.

Air Defence (Interceptor) 1 gp / 3 sqn with 67 Ftr ac:

1 gp with
10 F-2000C (Mirage 2000C);
2 F-2000B (Mirage 2000B);
36 F-5EM Tiger II (F-5BR);
13 F-5FM Tiger II;
6 F-5E Tiger II;
9 F-5E Tiger II (Ex-Jordanian);
3 F-5FTiger II (Ex-Jordanian);
R-99 and R-99A;
3 sqn with F-5EM/AT-27

Fighter Ground Attack 10 sqns with 229 FGA ac:

2 sqn with
12 Embraer A-1M (AMX);
30 Embraer A-1A (AMX);
8 Embraer A-1B (AMX-T)*;

1 Saab JAS 39E Gripen delivered as a test program (27 on order);
Saab JAS 39F Gripen conversion trainer (8 on order):

Attack 1 sqn with 28 Atk ac:

28 Embraer AT-26 Xavante (Aermacchi MB-326),

Light attack & Training 4 sqn with 125 Atk/Trg ac:

50 A-29A (Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano (single));
75 A-29B (Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano (dual));

Light attack & Training 3 sqn with 36 Atk/Trg ac:

10 AT-26A (Embraer MB-326K/M Impala Mk.2);
2 AT-26B/XT-26 (Embraer MB-326 Impala Mk.1);
24 AT-27 (Embraer EMB-312 Tucano)

Reconnaissance 3 sqn with 12 Recce ac:

1 sqn with 4 Embraer RA-1A/B (AMX-R)*;
1 sqn with 4 Embraer RT-26 Xavante*;
1 sqn with 4 RC-95 (Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante);

AWACS 1 sqn with 8 AEW&C

1 E-99 (Embraer EMB-145SA AEW&C);
4 RC-99A (Embraer EMB-145RSA AEW&C);
3 RC-99B (Embraer EMB-145RSB AEW&C );

Maritime Patrol 6 sqn with 29 MP ac:

2 sqn with 10 P-95A Bandeirulha (Embraer EMB-111 Bandeirante)*;
2 sqn with 9 P-95B Bandeirulha (Embraer EMB- 111 Bandeirante)*;
2 sqn with 10 P-3AM Orion (Lockheed Martin P-3BR Orion; Ex-US; $10 m deal (part of $425 m 'P-X' programme incl modernization of 8 in Spain to P-3AM); incl 1 for training (not incl 3 more for spares only); delivery 2012-2013)

TANKER 2 sqn with 5 Tkr ac:

1 sqn with 2 KC-130 (Lockheed Martin KC-130H Hercules);
1 sqn with 3 KC-137 (Boeing 707-345C Stratoliner) (1 stored)


28 KC-390 (on order)

ELINT 1 sqn with 22 ELINT ac:

4 EU-93A, IU-93A (Hawker 800XP);
3 R-99B (Embraer EMB-145S) / R-99 (Embraer EMB-145RS);
3 R-35A (Learjet 35A);
2 EU-93 (HS-125),
1 EC-93 (HS-125),
9 Embraer EC-95 (EMB-110B Bandeirante)

SAR 1 sqn with 5 sar ac:

4 SC-95B,
1 SC-130E

VIP TRANSPORT 3 sqn with 18 VipTpt ac:

1 VIP transport sqn with 18 VipTpt ac:
1 VC-1A (Airbus A319-133ER);
2 VC-2 (Embraer ERJ-190 Lineage 1000);
1 Boeing 707-321B;
2 VC-96 (Boeing 737-200);
3 VC-99A/C-99A (Embraer EMB-145ER/LR);
2 VC-99B (Embraer EMB-145);
4 VC-99C (Embraer ERJ 135BJ Legacy);
1 VH-35 (Learjet-35);
1 VU-35 (Learjet-35);
1 U-35A (Learjet-35A);

1 VIP transport sqn with 12 VipTpt ac:
4 Embraer VC-97 Brasilia;

8 VU-9 Xingu;

2 VIP transport sqn with 17 VipTpt ac:

7 C-97, VC/YC-97 (Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia);
7 VU-97 (Embraer EMB-120RT Brasília);
3 VC-97 (Embraer EMB-120ER Brasília);
CH-55/VH-55 (LearJet 55); VU-55C (LearJet 55C);

TRANSPORT 18 sqn with 107 Tpt ac:

9 sqn with 59 Embraer C-95A/B/C;

C-95 (Embraer EMB-110)
C-95A (Embraer EMB-110K1)
C-95B, EC-95B, IC-95B (Embraer EMB-110P1)
C-95C, EC-95C, IC-95C, SC-95B (Embraer EMB-110P1K)

1 sqn with 12 C-295M
12 C-105A/SC-105A Amazonas (EADS/CASA C-295M); (+8 Ordered)

1 sqn with C-99A
10 Embraer C-99A (ERJ-145);

3 sqn with C-130
13 C-130M (Lockheed Martin C-130H Hercules);
7 C-130 (Lockheed C-130E Hercules);

1 sqn with

C-91 (BAe748-2/2A);
96 C-95 BandeiranteP-95, P-95A/B (Embraer EMB-111A)R-95 (Embraer EMB-110B Bandeirante);
50 C-212-400 Aviocar (Ordered)
80 L-42B, (U-42 Neiva Regente);

UTILITY 58 Utl ac:

2 sqn with 13 C-98 (Cessna 208B Caravan I);
9 C-98A (Cessna 208A-G1000 Caravan);
13 U-7, U-7A (Embraer EMB-810 (Piper PA-34 Séneca));
6 L-42 (U-42 Neiva Regente):
22 U-42 Regente;
3 U-19 Ipanema

TRAINING 4 sqn with 110 Trg ac :
11 Embraer A-1B (AMX-T)*;
46 T-26 (Embraer EMB-326GB Xavante);
1 sqn with

22 T-25A/C, XT-25 (Neiva 621 Universal);
3 sqn with
35 T-27, A/AT-27 Tucano (Embraer EMB-312 Tucano);(incl. 1 air show sqn) (6 on loan to Argentina) (55 EMB-314 9 ordered)G-180 (Aero Boero 180)
1 G-19 (Embraer EMB-201R Ipanema)1 U-19 (Embraer EMB-201R Ipanema)

HELICOPTER 12 armed capable. Total 136 Helicopters.

ATTACK 1 sqn with 12 Atk Hel :

12 AH-2 Sabre (Mil Mi-35M Hind-E) (+18 ordered);

UTILITY /SUPPORT 11 sqn with 122 Utl Hel :

4 sqn with 32 H-1H (Bell 205, UH-1H Huey);
2 sqn
18 H-36, VH-36 (Eurocopter EC-725 Super Cougar);
1 sqn with
9 H-34, CH/VH-34 (AS-332M Super Puma) (VIP);
2 Eurocopter EC-135 ;
2 sqn with
32 H-50 (HB-350B, AS-350B);
8 H-55, CH-55 (HB-355F2, AS-355);
2 sqn with
16 H-60L (UH-60LBlackhawk);
VH-35 (Eurocopter EC-635);

GLIDER Total ? Glider

T-8A/B (Microleve MXL/MXL2);
TZ-13 (Let L-13);
Z-15 (Glasflügel 201B);
Z-16 (IPE KW1b2);
Z-17 (Schempp-Hirth Discus CS);
TZ-17 (Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus XL);
Z-20 (ASW-20); TZ-23 (L-23 Super Blanik)
Z-33 (L-33 Blanik Solo);
Z-180 (AMT200 Ximango)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UAV • Reconnaissance 1 sqn with 2 Recce UAV:
2 Hermes-450 UAV


ASM Air-to-Surface Rockets: Skyfire 70 (For A-29, A-1M, H-1H), SBAT-70/127 (For A-1M, AT-27, A-29, P-95, H-1H), S-8 rocket (For AH-2 (Mi-35M4))
Anti-tank Missile: 9M120 Ataka-V (for AH-2 (Mi-35M4)), 9K114 Shturm (For AH-2 (Mi-35M4)
Anti-ship missile: AGM-84 Harpoon Block I (For P-3AM), MAN-1(a 60–80 km range. For A-1M)
Anti-radiation missile: MAR-1 (Brazilian anti-radiation missile (ARM) For A-1M, F-5M)

AAM MAA-1 Piranha, Python III, Super 530F, Magic 2

Air to air missile: A-Darter (5° Generation AAM, For F-5M, A-1M, FX-2)
Beyond-visual-range (BVR) Air to air missile: Derby (For F-5M)
Air to air missile (Medium-range): MAA-1B Piranha (For F-5M, A-1M, FX-2)
Air to air missile (Short-range): MAA-1A Piranha (For F-5M, A-29, A-1M), Python 4 (For F-5M), Python 3 (For F-5M), R550 Magic (For Mirage 2000),Super 530 (For Mirage 2000)


Cluster Bomb: BLG-120 (For A-1M, A-29, F-5M, AT-27), BLG-252 (For A-1M, A-29, F-5M, AT-27)

Incendiary bomb: BINC-300 (For A-1M, A-29, F-5M, AT-27), BINC-200 (For A-1M, A-29, F-5M, AT-27)

Laser Guided Bomb: Elbit Lizard (For A-1M, F-5M)INS/GPS Guided Bomb: FPG-82 (For A-1M, F-5M, A-29)GPS Guided Bomb: SMKB-82 (For A-1M, F-5M, A-29), SMKB-83 (For A-1M, F-5M, A-29)
General-purpose bomb: Mark 84 bomb (For A-1M, F-5M), Mark 83 bomb (For A-1M, F-5M), Mark 82 bomb (For A-1M, F-5M, A-29), Mark 81 bomb (For -1M, F-5M, A-29)
Anti-runway bomb: BAPI (For A-1M, F-5M)


Radar and Air Defence Systems

4 M-60 Radar Platform (in test Purchased pilot lot with range of 60 km to 75 km)

Air Defence Systems

AD • SAM •

28/100+ SA-18/SA-24 (9K38 Igla SAM)

Brazil AF

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