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AFZ Chengdu F-7II-N Airguard AFZ Chengdu F-7II-N Airguard

AFZ Chengdu F-7II-N Airguard

AFZ Chengdu F-7II-N Airguard

Zimbabwe had several deliveries of the F-7 fighters from China and they have several versions. In 2004 the Air Force received 12 F-7MGs.  They had received at least 12 other F-7s (unknown version) in 1999 in addition to the 12 received in the mid 80s.

The F-7MG  fighter Is fitted with an X-band British Marconi Electronic Systems Super Sky Ranger pulse-Doppler fire-control radar. The Super Skyranger is an improved variant of the Skyranger radar used on the F-7M fighter. The AFZ aircraft might have Chinese produced copies of these radars. It has the ‘look-down/shoot-down’ capability and five working modes. The radar can track up to 8 targets simultaneously while attacking one of them.

Marconi head-up display (HUD) and fire-control computer are fitted as standard. The HOTAS (hands on throttle-and-stick) cockpit design allows the pilot to fly the aircraft without taking his eyes off the horizon and HUD, thus improving his situational awareness. If necessary, the fighter can also be integrated with a helmet-mounted display (HMS). The fighter has been added with a second 30mm Type 30-I cannon carrying 60 rounds fitted in the lower port side of the fuselage.

Zimbabwe Chengdu FT-5
Zimbabwe AF

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