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Austria Federal agency (Operations jurisdiction): Federal law enforcement. Local civilian police
Legal personality: Central Government Agencies


Forces by Role & Equipment by Type
The Federal Police is also responsible for border control..

AIRCRAFT 2 Policing Aircrafts.

Support 2 Spt hel:
2 Various Ac.

HELICOPTER 17 Policing Helicopters.

Utility 17 Utl Hel :
8 Bell 206;
5 Ecureuil AS-350 B1;
2 Ecureuil AS-355 F2:
2 Ecureuil AS-355 N

Note: The Bundespolizei have a variety of aircraft including the following they are currently receiving 8 new Eurocopter EC 135's in time for EURO 2008.

Command: The current command structure that the Bundespolizei operates is very simple. The Federal Police is commanded by Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior. The Ministry then delegates to the 9 State Police commands. Depending on the State command, the districts and cities are controlled by either a District Police Command or a City Police Command. These commands then operate through police stations throughout the Province.

Polizei-Servicenummer 059-133

 The 9 State Police Commands are the same as the general States of Austria.Vienna, Styria, Carinthia, Salzburg, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Voralberg,Tyrol, Burgenland

Official Austrian Police Website:

F-5E Tiger II j-3057 (Cn L1057)
Austrian F-5E Tiger II
Austrian J-35 OE
Austrian J-105OE
Eurofighter Typhoon
Austrian AB 212
Austria AF
Austrian AB 204B - 4D-BW (Cn 3202)

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