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Sukhoi Su-30MK2V Flanker-G  Sukhoi Su-35F Flanker-E Lockheed F-16A Fighting Falcon Block 15 Lockheed F-16B Fighting Falcon Block 15 Dassault Mirage 50EV
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Lockheed F-16A Fighting Falcon Block 15 Lockheed F-16A Fighting Falcon Block 15 Lockheed F-16A Fighting Falcon Block 15 Lockheed F-16A Fighting Falcon Block 15 Lockheed F-16A Fighting Falcon Block 15

Lockheed F-16A Fighting Falcon Block 15

Lockheed F-16A Fighting Falcon Block 15

The F-16s on the flight line at El Libertador are protected from the blazing sun by sheds. Just before take-off they are towed out and readied for flight. (Photo by Omar R. Quintero G.) In May 1982, the government of Venezuela signed an agreement to buy 18 Block 15 F-16A's and six Block 15 F-16B's to replace the fleet of Mirage III interceptors and Mirage 5 ground-attack aircraft serving with the Fuerza Aérea Venezolana. This purchase was under the Peace Delta Foreign Military Sales program.

However, the Venzuelan order was not approved immediately because the US government wanted to sell Venezuela the F-16/79 (a slightly degraded F-16 version developed for export orders) instead. In 1983, the US government abandoned its hopes of selling the F-16/79, and finally approved the sale of the F100-powered F-16s to Venezuela

The FAV accepted its first aircraft in September 1983. FAV F-16s wear an attractive green/brown color scheme, with the insignia of the Aviacion de Combate (Combat Aviation) on the tail and roundels on the wings. A four-digit serial is painted on the fuselage just below the tail fin.

FAV Inventory Peace Delta Program Model Block Qty.

1982-1984 Serials Delivered
18   F-16A Block 15   6  F-16B Block 15
  1041, 0051
6611, 8900
0678, 3260
7268, 9068
8924, 0094

6023, 4226
5422, 6426
4827, 9864
3648, 0220
  1715, 2179
9581, 2337
9581, 2337
7635, 9583

Of the original 24 aircraft that Venezuela bought, three have crashed: the first two, due to engine failure, and the second one, an F-16B, crashed during a maneuver on an air show at Base Aerea El Libertador, where Grupo 16 is based. In this accident, the first and second commander of the squadron where killed. The Venezuelan Air Force was looking for US government approval to replace these two aircraft and was planning to overhaul and update the remaining 22 airframes. At the end of October 1997, the US government approved the sale of the two F-16s, as well as an upgrade packet including the F-100-PW-220E. However, the purchase of the two attrition airframes has been halted until further notice.

Modifications & Armament

FAV F-16B #2337 in the 2003 "Grupo Aereo de Caza N° 16 20th Anniversary" color scheme. (Photo by Iván Peña Nesbit)FAV F-16s have been updated to accomodate the AIM-9L Sidewinder missile. Standard armament for air support missions is 6x Mk.82 or 2x Mk.84, 4 AIM-9L Sidewinder and one centerline drop tank. CBU's and rockets are also available in the FAV inventory. During the 1997 air show at El Libertador, a FAV F-16A fitted with the Israeli Litening pod was shown in the static display. According to a pilot, the remainder of the ordered pods was to follow shortly, together with an unspecified number of PGM's (Precision Guided Munitions), probably also of Israeli origin.

During the Miranda 98 exercise (held in Venezuela starting February 8th, with French aircraft, en-route to Red Flag 98-2), the Venezuelan Mirage 50V's and F-16s trained on daylight PGM delivery using the new Litening pods (carried only by the F-16s). This implies that at least some PGM's were already delivered by that date.

Upgrade Programs

Early 1998, the rumor went that the FAV was looking to upgrade its F-16A/B force to F-16C/D standard. Up to now, no further details have been released.

In 2003, rumour circulated that Venezuela signed a contract with the Belgian SABCA plant to overhaul its fleet of F-16s, and upgrade them under the Falcon-Up program to extend service life. This rumour has not been confirmed yet.

Venezuela threat to sell F-16 fleet to Iran:
In 2006, the Iranian media have published series of reports that suggested Venezuela was interested in selling its 21 F-16 Fighting Falcon fleet to Iran. The rumors were confirmed, when a Hugo Chavez advisor told the Associated Press that "Venezuela's military is considering selling its fleet of U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets to another country, possibly Iran, in response to a U.S. ban on arms sales to President Hugo Chavez's government". In response, Sean McCormack, the U.S. State Department spokesman, warned Venezuela and suggested: "Without the written consent of the United States, Venezuela can't transfer these defense articles, and in this case F-16s, to a third country".

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