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Argentinian Air Force History:

Formed with donated aircraft of the Compania de Tabacos in 1912 at El Palomar, Buenos Aires. After the First World War an Italien and a French aviation mission brought some aircraft with them. In 1927 the Fabrica Militar de Aviones was established and built some licence aircraft. In 1938 the Argentinian Air Force consisted of 4 aviation regiments. In January 1945 the Aviacion Militar changed its titel to Fuerza Aerea Argentinia and became an independent force. During the 1950s the FAA was reorganised into 7 Air Brigades (Brigada Aerea) and to the 1980s expanded to 10 Air Brigades with one to three squadrons (Escuadron) each. During the Falkland War the FAA performed well, but had heavy equipment losses. Today the Argentinian Air Force consists of 8 Air Brigades.

Main Headquarters:
Edificio Condor-Calle, Comodoro Pedro Zanni 250, 1104 Buenos Aires

Organisation:The Air Operations Command of the FAA is divided into eight Brigada Aereas (Air Brigade). Each brigade consists of one Wing (Grupo) with one to three Squadrons (Escuadrons).

1st Air Brigade, Buenos Aires/El Palomar AB
1. 1st Air Transport Squadron (C-130 Hercules)
2. 2nd Air Transport Squadron (Fokker F-28)

2nd Air Brigade, Parana/General Urquiza AB
1. 2nd Reconnaissance Squadron (Learjet 35A)
2. 4th Air Transport Squadron (Fokker F-27)

3rd Air Brigade, Santa Fe/Reconquista AB
2nd Attack Squadron (IA-58A Pucara)
3rd Attack Squadron (IA-58A Pucara)

4th Air Brigade, Mendoza/El Plumerillo AB
1st Training Squadron (Lockheed Martin AT-63 Pampa serie 2)
3rd Search and Rescue Squadron (SA-315B Lama)
4th Cruz del Sur Aerobatics Squadron (Su-29)
Fighter School

5th Air Brigade, Villa Reynolds/General Pringles AB
1st Fighter-Bomber Squadron (A-4AR Fightinghawk)
2nd Fighter-Bomber Squadron (A-4AR Fightinghawk)

6th Air Brigade, Buenos Aires/Tandil AB
1st Fighter-Bomber Squadron (AMD Mirage 5P Mara)
2nd Fighter-Bomber Squadron (IAI Finger)
3rd Air Interceptor Squadron (AMD Mirage IIIEA/DA)

7th Air Brigade, Jose Paz/Moreno AB
1st Search and Rescue Squadron (Bell 212)
2nd Tactical Squadron (Hughes 500D)
3rd Squadron (UH-1H)
4th Squadron (UH-1H, Hughes 500E)

9th Air Brigade, Comodore Rivadavia AB/Chubut
6th Air Transport Squadron (SAAB 340B)
7th Air Transport Squadron (DHC-6 Twin Otter)

Military Aviation School (Cordoba, Córdoba Province)
Glider Flight
Services Squadron
Mentor Squadron (Mentor B-45)
Tucano Squadron (Embraer EMB-312 Tucano)

* Special Operations Group (Grupo de Operaciones Especiales, GOE)

* Presidential transportation Unit (Agrupación Aérea Presidencial)

Argentina AF

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