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Argentinian Paramilitary Forces: Paramilitary 31,240 Personnel.
Argentine National Gendarmerie (Gendarmería Nacional Argentina (GNA)) 18,000 Personnel (strength of 70,000). Region 5 comd: Paramilitary 16 bn

• Gendarmería Nacional Argentina (GNA)

Forces by Role & Equipment by Type
(Ministry of Interior)

AIRCRAFT No combat capable. 22 Policing Aircrafts.

Transport 2 Tpt ac:
1 Swearingen SA.226TC Metro
1 Piper PA-28-236 Cherokee (Dakota);

Patrol & Transport 4 Patrol/Tpt ac:
2 Pilatus PC-6B Turbo Porter;
2 Pilatus PC-12;

Transport & Liaison 5 Tpt/Liaison ac:
2 Piper PA-31P Pressurized Navajo;;
1 Beech 65 Queen Air;
1 Cessna 336 Skymaster;
1 Piper PA-28 Cherokee;

Utility 2 Utl ac:
2 Cessna 206 Super Skywagon;

Training & Liaison 3 Trg/Liaison ac:
3 Cessna 152 Aerobat;

Basic Flying Training 3 Trg ac:
2 Piper PA-18 Super Cub;
1 Piper PA-23 Aztec;

HELICOPTER No combat capable. Total 26 Policing Helicopters.

Support 5 Spt hel:
5 Bell UH-1H Huey

Transport & Surveillance 14 Tpt/Surv hel:
6 Aérospatiale AS.350B Ecureuil
6 Eurocopter EC-135
2 Helibras HB.350B Esquilo;

Patrol & Surveillance 7 Patrol/ Surv hel:
3 Hughes MD-500C/MD-500D (369HS) (Utility);
3 Robinson R44 Astro;
1 Schweizer 300C;

  Argentinian Paramilitary Aviation Main Headquarters:
  HQ Located at Buenos Aires (Ave. Antártida Argentina and Gendarmería Nacional St.,)

  Argentinian Gendarmerie Aviation (Gendarmeria Nacional Argentina)
  Airfields and Airbases Organisation:

  Centro de Operaciones Aéreas - San Miguel/Campo de Mayo

  San Miguel/Campo de Mayo
  División Apoyo a las Operaciones de Vuelo: Metro, PA-31, Queen Air, Cessna 206, R44, Esquilo, Hughes 500

  Formosa/Las Lomitas AP
  SECAPOYAVI "Formosa": Esquilo

  Mendoza/El Plumerillo AP
  SECAPOYAVI "Mendoza": Hughes 500, Ecureuil

  Orán/Sosa Laprida AP
  SECAPOYAVI "Orán": PC-6B, Ecureuil

  Paraná/Gral. Urquiza AP
  SECAPOYAVI "Paraná": Schweizer 300C, Cessna 152

  Posadas/José de San Martin AP   
  SECAPOYAVI "Posadas": Cessna 206/336, Ecureuil,EC-135, R44, Hughes 500

  Río Gallegos/Norberto Fernandez IAP
  SECAPOYAVI "Río Gallegos": PC-6B, Ecureuil

  Santiago del Estero/Ángel Aragonés AP
  SECAPOYAVI "Santiago del Estero": Ecureuil

  Trevelín/Aeródromo Municipal
  SECAPOYAVI "Trevelín": PA-28, Cessna 152, Ecureuil

  San Miguel/Campo de Mayo
  Centro de Instrucción de Aviación: PA-18, PA-23, Cessna 152
  Servicio de Mantenimiento

Argentinian Gendarmerie inventory equipment:
RECCE 52: APC (W) 87: ARTY • MOR 81mm

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Argentina AF

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